Congratulations on your recent purchase of quartz from Bolder Image Stone. Thank you for choosing us for your project.

Bolder Image Stone supplies material to your fabricator in slab format. Your fabricator of choice will cut,polish, and install your purchase. All our quartz material gets checked when it arrives in our warehouse & before it leaves. After it leaves our warehouse, Bolder Image Stone has no control with transportation, manufacturing, or installation.

Please take the time to read our care and maintenance recommendations. By following the proper installation, care and maintenance of our quartz products you should have many years of enjoyment from our product.

Listed below are the terms and conditions applicable to Bold Image engineered stone.

What is included in the warranty:

  1. Bolder Image Stone offers a 25-year limited warranty to the original customer for a period of 25 years from the date of installation.
  2. The warranty covers any defects arising from the manufacture of the slab. Subsequent fabrication and installation are not covered in this warranty.

What is not included in the warranty:

  1. Any defect or damage to the product arising from work done by anyone other than Bolder
    Image Stone.
  2. The of the product as flooring or outdoors or in areas near swimming pools.
  3. The discoloration of the product if it is exposed to direct sunlight over a prolonged period.
  4. Any modification or alteration to the surface of Mikado Quartz.
  5. Damage to the product due to prolonged exposure to chemicals or solvents.
  6. Damage by:
    • Placing hot pots/pans (including electric fry pans) on the surface
    • Applying excessive weight to the surface
  7. Variations in color, pattern or shade of the material against sample material, displayed or
    illustrated material. Bolder Image Stone is made from natural material & some color variation will occur between batches.
  8. Failure of adhesives, caulking materials, damage resulting due to the accessories installed,
    failure due to inadequate support to joints and seams.
  9. Failure to follow any procedures, instructions and recommendations given in the Product
    Manual provided to the fabricators and/or customers.
  10. Damage as a result of sizing, climbing or standing on the product.
  11. Any defect or damage as a result of mishandling or abuse.
  12. Bowing less than 1.5mm on joints greater than 600mm.
  13. Cracks are not a material fault. They are not covered in the warranty and are usually a result of:
    • Mechanical stress on the material after installation
    • Settlement or movement in joinery or house as a whole
    • Sizing, standing or climbing on your bench top
    • Excessive heat
    • Sink or cooktop cut out (not covered)
    • “L” shaped cut out/improper installation
  14. Chipping is not a material fault. It is normally a direct result due to impact to the edge
    of the surface. Chips are not covered by this warranty.
  15. Fireplaces are not covered as a result of variations in design and heat output.
  16. The warranty only applies if the product was installed by a qualified and licensed

Statutory Rights
The limitations of the warranty set out in this document do not exclude or limit the application of the mandatory conditions or warranties implied by the trade practices act 1974 or any other equivalent or corresponding legislation.